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Nail Enhancements


Solar Pink & White Full Set $40.00
Solar Pink & White Fill-in $30.00
Solar Fill Pink Only $20.00
Solar Color Full Set $42.00
Solar Color Fill-in $22.00
Solar Color Fill Pink & White $32.00
UV Gel Nails Full Set $34.00
UV Gel Nails Fill-in $24.00
Gel Color Manicure $30.00
Gel Color Manicure French/American $35.00
Gel Color Only $20.00
Gel Color Only French/American $25.00
Acrylic Full Set $25.00
Acrylic Fill-in $17.00

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Luxiconic Nails offers a full menu of services to impact both mind and body including pedicures, manicures and much more.

Private Parties

Whether it’s a bridal party, birthday celebration, or just a relaxing get together, Luxiconic Nails is the place to plan your special event.

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